Hosting a Holiday Party At Your Home

visitors to home blog

What legal obligations do you have to anybody that comes to your house and is injured while on the premises? What responsibility do you have for the actions of guests at your party if they hurt somebody else? After a very quiet 2020 holiday season we are back in the mood for some festive cheer…

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What is Magistrate Court?

Magistrate Court Judge

You may find yourself dealing with a problem or grievance that that just doesn’t warrant hiring a lawyer to represent you in a full-blown lawsuit with a jury trial. This is when you will find yourself in Magistrate Court, which is our small claims court. Listen to this clip from Episode 11 of Your Day…

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Perception vs. Reality. Are Plaintiffs Just Greedy?

Bruce Hagen and Ray Giudice discuss Perception vs. Reality in personal injury lawsuits and settlements in this mini clip from Episode 5 of Your Day In Court. Is it all about greed? Is every lawsuit worth $1,000,000? People who are victims of negligent drivers and who suffer injuries after a car crash can sometimes be…

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