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Recovering Damages After a Hit and Run Accident

The following is a guest post by the Illinois personal injury lawyers of Dolan Law Offices:

Earlier this month, a 27-year-old man died from injuries sustained in an Atlanta hit and run accident.  Mr. LaJuan Washington was killed after being hit by a car on Highway 166 West near Interstate 285.

Losing a young person in a motor vehicle accident is always tragic for a family.  A hit and run accident, however, adds another layer of anger and grief to the already devastated loved ones who are left behind.  Many people, incorrectly, assume that because the driver left the scene of the accident that there is no way to recover damages for the victim’s medical bills, funeral expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.  However, that simply isn’t true.

Hit and run accident victims, or their survivors may be able to collect damages through their own insurance company if the driver responsible for the accident is not identified.  Of course, insurance companies are not always willing to pay fair damages in a hit and run accidents.  Often, they need to be persuaded by experienced personal injury lawyers who understand how to negotiate with car insurance companies.

Don’t let a hit and run accident devastate your family any more than necessary.  Contact a personal injury lawyer and discuss your options for financial recovery for the expenses and suffering that you incurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Dolan Law Offices represents victims of hit and run accidents throughout the state of Illinois.

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