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We Need to Stop Senate Bill 415

I see the worst behavior from insurance companies daily. They abuse their own insureds and refuse to take responsibility for the harm that their clients cause to others. They have so much money that they’re largely unaccountable, except in a court of law. The courtroom is the only place where insurance companies can be held accountable for the…

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During this time of giving and gratitude, we are thankful for all the individuals and organizations who work hard to make our cities and state a better place to live in. We are inspired every day by the commitment and enthusiasm of their volunteers, boards of directors and staff. Their vision, ideas and efforts are…

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Bruce A. Hagen talks to ATL City Council members at the Mobility and Safety Town Hall Meeting

Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room

Fighting for the most vulnerable users on Atlanta’s dangerous streets isn’t just about being a good personal injury lawyer, being an experienced litigator or having a successful law practice. It takes more than standing up to the insurance companies and defending clients in court. It’s about fighting to prevent traffic fatalities and severe injuries. In…

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