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Read about our recent winning cases and the results for our clients in the form of lawsuit verdicts or settlements.


Hall County settlement for two passengers of a motorboat that was hit by the operator of another vessel who was boating under the influence (BUI) in Lake Lanier. The high speed boating accident caused multiple lacerations, a torn ligament, and acute stress disorder.

Dekalb County jury verdict in a bad faith insurance claim and wrongful death case where a six-year-old victim lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. Read about the case.


City of Sandy Springs redesign and construction defect case on a road causing the victim to fall off his bicycle and suffer several pulverized ribs and a broken collarbone.

Confidential Settlement 

Settlement of more than $9 Million in an Automobile Product Liability case.


City of Suwanee sidewalk defect case where the victim tripped and fell on a displaced section of sidewalk. The victim broke both elbows and nose and sustained blunt force trauma to her head resulting in a brain injury.


Dekalb County wrongful death case where the victim was killed when his vehicle was struck from behind while in the emergency lane on I-20W.


Henry County disputed liability case where the victim suffered a fractured leg when he was struck by a commercial vehicle whose driver ran a red light.


Richmond County case where the victim suffered aggravation of preexisting back condition when he was rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic in a construction zone.


Walton County verdict where the victim was struck while a pedestrian shattering his leg and causing a mild traumatic brain injury.  The victim returned to his job as a police officer within one year of the crash.


Dekalb County verdict where the victim was struck while a passenger in a pickup truck shattering his hip and causing permanent nerve damage.

Confidential Settlement 

Dekalb County products liability case where the front fork of the victim’s bicycle failed as he was commuting to work causing fractures and a traumatic brain injury.


Pike County policy limits settlement where the victim was struck from behind while riding his bicycle by a tractor trailer causing spine and facial fractures.  The victim returned to competitive bicycle racing within 18 months of the crash.


Settlement in excess of policy limits in an insurance bad-faith lawsuit where the insurer initially refused an offer to settle all claims for $900,000.00 after the victim suffered a fractured leg after being struck on the interstate.

Confidential Settlement 

Wrongful Death case where the victim was killed when he was struck from behind in a chain reaction collision while working outside his vehicle as a tow-truck operator.

NFL Concussion Litigation 

Part of the leadership team in landmark settlement against the National Football League estimated at $1,000,000,000.00.


Policy limits settlement where the victim was stopped in his tractor trailer on the interstate when another tractor trailer slid into him due to icy conditions aggravating a preexisting lower back injury.


Settlement for bicyclist who suffered a broken nose, seven rib fractures, T5-T7 compression fracture, concussion and pneumothorax after he was hit by a car pulling out of parking lot.


Rockdale County settlement for victim who suffered re-aggravation of knee injuries when she was rear-ended by a garbage truck as traffic slowed down for a school zone.


Settlement for a 52-year-old man who had be extricated from his vehicle by first responders using Jaws for Life after a multi vehicle collision. The victim was able to return to work as a plumber 3 months after the crash.


Fulton County negligent security case for victim of a gunshot wound at her townhouse community. The landlord failed to take reasonable steps to protect the residents from persistent criminal activity at the premises.


Multiple policy limits settlement for victim while pedestrian who was hit and ran over by a vehicle on a crosswalk. Victim was hospitalized for a week.


Settlement through mediation for bicyclist who hit a mailbox after swerving to avoid being hit by a truck driver who failed to yield turning left.


Fulton County settlement for bicyclist who was hit by a motorist who was on his cellphone at the time of the collision.


Policy limits settlements for victim of a two-vehicle collision which caused victim’s vehicle to overturn crushing the top of the vehicle. Victim suffered neck, pelvic ring and ankle fractures requiring surgery.