what our clients say

At Hagen Rosskopf LLC we take pride in ensuring our clients have a positive experience when they come to us for their legal needs.

Friends recommended Hagen Rosskopf LLC after my collision and I have paid that on repeatedly since: such was the level of care and attention, and the quality of their knowledge, during my ordeal. Bruce Hagen took me through the entire process with infinite patience and care, and regularly checked in with me, to update me on the case or ask how I was. He was an indefatigable advocate, determined to get me equity -- which he did in perfect style. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

–Kyle T.

Hagen Rosskopf represented me following a cycling accident. It was not a fun time for me nor did I have much energy to spend or expertise in how to handle the legal and financial ramifications associated with it. This firm was extremely professional and valuable in managing my wife and I through closure of the incident. I can't thank them enough for their genuine empathy and absolute attention to detail throughout the process. Only a fool would use a different firm. Thanks so much for all you guys did!

–Mark S.

Working with Bruce and his team was a life-changing collaboration. I cannot overstate the value of their experience, discernment, compassion, and work ethic.

I'm tearing up just trying to do this team justice. Bruce, Amie, Paulina, Jim, Mayra, and Scott all helped with my case. I was recommended to Bruce by another member of the cycling community, and I'm so glad I took their advice.

My collision involved a serious concussion so Bruce personally met with my mom and me to talk about what he & his staff could do for me. I didn't trust myself to make unilateral important decisions and was grateful for his counsel and advice. He located and recommended other medical services to assist with my recovery. His staff was in touch with me weekly and at crucial times, daily.

Bruce and his team took a personal interest in my recovery and took my complaints about the physical, mental, and emotional repercussions very seriously. They genuinely inquired about my progress and celebrated my milestones with me: first shoulder shrug without pain, first day back at work, first day back on the bike, first bike race since the crash.

I am one of the lucky ones - my physical wounds healed relatively quickly. The trauma still hung around, though - Bruce recommended I see a professional to help. Another excellent suggestion and another example of his experience providing benefit to his clients.

There were definitely some bad days in the first few hazy months. I couldn't remember how to make coffee or my mom's phone number. It was such a relief to know that I personally didn't have to manage my insurance claims and healthcare bills while in recovery. Bruce's team always had my back and would respond to my inquiries within 24 hours, usually on the same day.

When it came time to submit the reports to the guilty party's insurance, Bruce and his team were competent and discerning in their description of the crash. I'm very pleased with the final payout as well.

My case was resolved in about a year and I am grateful it was such a short time! Things like this can linger but Bruce and his staff were on top of all the details and worked hard to get my case resolved.

Bruce is a supportive and involved member of our cycling community - it was my distinct privilege to work with him and his staff.

–Emma R.

Thank you so very much for your hard work, consideration, support and persistence in my case with **** Rental Trucks. There was a time where I thought all was lost, but your team has proved otherwise. Thank you for helping to put the pieces back together

–Andrea L.

Thank you for all of your help in bringing our claim to an acceptable close and listening to our needs. I am glad that I didn’t have to do it alone. I would like to thank your staff for all of their help and prompt response as well. I will be sure to refer you to others as the opportunity presents itself. We appreciate you!

–Van P.

From start to finish my case was handled with deep sincerity and concern. The entire firm made me feel like family and earned my trust. They were a perfect match for me as a cyclist of in-town Atlanta. We need advocates like this to push for positive change and protect cyclist’s rights.

–Jeef L.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exemplary service rendered during a critical time in my life. Your knowledge, dedication, and profile truly reflect the loyalty, respect and genuine concern you display for your clients, their families, and their overall physical well-being.

The insurance giant was unwilling to view my case on an individual bases. They originally refused to make my legitimate claim a priority, and the notion to restore my physical mobility was without precedence, or hesitation, which initially caused me a great amount of aggravation. However, it was your support and industrious efforts to fight the insurance company tooth and nail on my behalf while making certain my injury did not go untreated or unnoticed.

Thanks again for your great efforts in making the insurance company accountable for my loss.

–Al M.

I would like to thank Bruce Hagen for his help and guidance through this challenging time.

I couldn’t believe I had been hit, I couldn’t believe I was hurt, and I couldn’t believe my insurance and the other driver’s insurance were never required to make me whole. All I wanted was to get back to the way things were before I had been hit. It wasn’t my fault – I didn’t cause the accident. But the current laws do not protect you or cover your costs. Even if you were not at fault, you have to fight for every inch.

Bruce was very patient with me as he counseled me through this process, but he was firm and deliberate with the insurance companies. I’ll never understand why the laws favor the insurance companies over those who didn’t cause the accidents, but I will be forever grateful that Bruce represented me and brought about a very fair outcome from a very unfair situation and process. Thank you Bruce!

–Anne B.

There are so many things to consider after an accident, so many appointments to juggle to learn about your injuries and try to find a way to overcome them. Being in pain daily is something I know a lot about and life still goes on, pain management, doctors and waiting at the pharmacy become additional tasks in days already completely full before the accident.

I wasn’t thrilled about having to add finding an attorney to my list – I knew finding one would be easy, you just have to turn on the TV and there they are making promises – finding a good one is much harder but I was lucky, I found Bruce Hagen. My claim was handled professionally, efficiently and most importantly for me, compassionately.

I was not overwhelmed with bravado or empty promises, Bruce took the time to ensure I understood every facet of the process and at all times acted with integrity and humility.

As my attorney Bruce Hagen represented me in a way that truly reflects who I am and always put my needs and requirements first. For these and many other reasons, I whole heartedly recommend the services of Bruce Hagen to anyone in need of an attorney.

–Gail M.