Pedestrians are the most at-risk group in traffic accidents and often sustain greater injuries in any collision against a vehicle. Our group of Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyers has fiercely fought and advocated for the rights of accident victims, including those who have faced pedestrian death, for over 30 years, specializing in cases in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

According to the CDC, one pedestrian was killed every 75 minutes due to traffic crashes in 2020., a concerning statistic in the United States. Among vulnerable road users, some are more vulnerable than others:

  • Elderly people in Atlanta face an increased risk of being involved in pedestrian accidents. They are becoming physically more fragile, which means that the injuries sustained in a collision may have more severe consequences for them., potentially leading to spinal cord injuries and pedestrian deaths. Most elderly people tend to disengage from traffic, thus reducing their mobility and the scope of their social life. Elderly people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease contribute a large population of victims because of their confused mental state, making them prone to pedestrian accidents.
  • Disabled persons using mobility aids, or a wheelchair are more at risk in difficult traffic situations The existing infrastructure on the streets and sidewalks in Atlanta is not always adapted to the needs and abilities of persons with disabilities, leading to a higher propensity for accidents. Persons with mental disabilities like Schizophrenia or veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are at particularly high risk for crosswalk accidents or other pedestrian accidents.
  • Children, especially in bustling areas like Atlanta, are among the most vulnerable road users as their abilities to cope with traffic are limited, and often not fully aware of traffic laws. They are more likely to be playing outside or crossing the street when they are injured by a vehicle, particularly where motorized traffic is heavy or fast, visibility is limited, or drivers focus their attention on other vehicles and tend to forget about pedestrians. According to the CDC in 2020, one in every five children under the age of 15 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians.
  • Public Transportation Users in cities or densely populated areas are common injury victims of pedestrian accidents because they are more likely to be on sidewalks or crossing the street to get on a bus or get to a train station. Public transportation users may be rushing to catch the last ride to work when a , and an inattentive driver at a crosswalk can lead to disastrous accidents, especially when drivers neglect traffic laws or fail to see a pedestrian at a traffic light.


Improving traffic situations and infrastructure in Georgia, particularly in areas like Atlanta, to facilitate the movement of the most vulnerable users of the road is not only a safety measure but a basic action to treat them with equity.

While everyone has the responsibility to be aware of their surroundings - and not walk straight into things while staring at their phones, for example, those who are in bigger, more dangerous vehicles have more of a responsibility than bicyclists or pedestrians to prevent accidents. In the unfortunate event of an auto accident, knowing the steps to protect your rights is crucial.


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  • Dial 911: call the police or an ambulance immediately.
  • Get examined for injuries as a result of the accident.
  • Be honest and give only the facts to the police.
  • Take photos and/or videos of the scene of the accident if possible, for any subsequent accident claim.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses or involved party.
  • Know your rights. Familiarize yourself with Georgia Codes about Pedestrians.
  • Read our blog for support like Why You Need Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (Um/Uim) Coverage.


  • Don’t leave the scene unless you are seriously injured and must visit the hospital.
  • Don’t discuss the accident or your injuries with other people involved in the accident.
  • Don’t make any statement to an insurance company until you talk to a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.
  • Don’t post anything on social media about the accident. It could complicate your insurance claim or potential pedestrian accident lawsuit.
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There are plenty of reasons to hire an attorney when you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in Georgia, but especially if you or your loved one are the victim.

Insurance companies often assume that pedestrians are at fault. You need a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer who understands what the Georgia Code says about pedestrians and who will passionately advocate for you. Here are three other reasons:

  1. A pedestrian accident attorney will make a case on your behalf. Insurance companies may state that you are at fault, particularly if you were jaywalking. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will be able to determine fault, collect and investigate the evidence, and present the facts of your case in a compelling and clear manner.
  2. An attorney will represent you in court. Sometimes negotiations are not successful, and you will need to take your case to court. In this situation, a personal injury trial attorney will represent you and present your case to a judge or jury. Working with an experienced trial lawyer who is comfortable in the courtroom, and who has a deep understanding of the litigation process can make the difference in the outcome of your lawsuit.
  3. Your injury may prevent you from focusing on legal issues. If you’ve been seriously injured—which frequently happens with pedestrian injuries—you may be unable to focus on legal matters. One of our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers will be here to advocate for your rights.

Let our team of Decater Pedestrian Accident Attorneys handle those frustrating calls with the insurance companies, the piles of paperwork, and the challenge of collecting medical bills and records. Let us take care of the part that is stressing you out so you can focus on what matters the most: your health and well-being.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you need to call a Personal Injury lawyer immediately. Contact us today, and let us help you get the settlement you deserve in your pedestrian accident claim or lawsuit.


Here are some ideas:

  • Report hazards: If you know of broken sidewalks, walk signals that don’t work, or other problems, please report them in Atlanta or your local area. Be sure to describe the problem and identify its location.
  • Participate in public meetings, advisory committees, or call and email elected officials in Georgia: They need to know that you and everyone else want safer sidewalks and street crossings.
  • Share educational resources with those around you: remind other drivers to slow down and to watch for pedestrians in Georgia.
  • Donate or volunteer with Propel ATL: They are a small advocacy group with a big impact!

Bruce Hagen is an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorney and passionate activist for safer streets in Atlanta and the rights of the most vulnerable users of the road. Learn more about our involvement in advocacy work by reading our blog or following Hagen Rosskopf on social media.

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