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Hagen Rosskopf is a personal injury law firm dedicated to representing and advocating for the most vulnerable road users.

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day. Sometimes they can be life-altering. You may have months or years of recovery in front of you, you may have to pay big hospital bills, and you may miss work due to your injuries. If you have been injured due to someone else's carelessness, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our legal team can help you with a wide variety of personal injury cases including.

Car Crashes

Car vs. Car

pedestrian injuries

Pedestrian vs. Vehicle

bicycle injuries

Bicycle vs. Vehicle

E-scooter injuries

E-scooters vs. Vehicles

Motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle vs. Vehicle

truck wrecks

Car vs. Truck

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Our personal injury law firm is located at the historic Marble House. Since moving to Decatur in 2003 we’ve enjoyed being part of the community by sponsoring local events, speaking at local schools, and supporting other local small businesses.

We are committed to providing the best legal representation to our North Decatur and Medlock Park neighbors.


At Hagen Rosskopf, we focus entirely on personal injury law and litigation. We have more than 30 years of experience helping people like you recover the money they deserve due to the negligence of others. Your pain and suffering are important to us, and we want to hear your story.


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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Karla Taylor
12:30 15 Jun 24
I have nothing but great things to say about this law firm. Everyone who I spoke with was friendly and attentive to any of my concerns. The whole process felt seamless and I was guided through every step. Both of my minor sons has suffered injuries in a car accident and Straightaway, they made sure they were seen by the appropriate doctors and was treated for their injuries. My claim with the other drivers insurance was settled quickly and received the maximum settlement. I highly recommend them even if there are possible stipulations you may think there is that can cause more
mario williams
18:36 14 Jun 24
They’re a excellent law group, kind, courteous, and very professional. I got into a wreck a few months ago around the time my daughter died, and a lot was going on and they took care of me. A guy hit me from behind and ran. I thought it would have been a slam dunk case because there were cameras all around the traffic lights, but I was informed that they are just for monitoring traffic, and I could not use them for my defense this was in Atlanta and if you live in Atlanta, you know it’s hard to get a police officer to come out and give you a police report. I stayed at the scene for hours and no one ever came. I even went up to the precinct and they told me that I would have to go back to the scene and wait for an available officer after a while, I had to go I couldn’t stay there all night. so essentially, I had no evidence. It was just my word against the guy who hit me word. After that, I was sure that I wouldn’t get any compensation, for my pain and suffering, and to be quite honest, the situation stresses me out so much I just wanted to give up. I was just praying to the Lord that they would give enough money so I can at least pay my doctor bills, I expressed this to my lawyer and even though I wanted to give up they kept pushing and they fought for me and my brother and got us compensation. They’re excellent courteous people very kind and patient and they really do care. I would definitely suggest them to anybody who is in need of good representation if they did this for me, and I essentially had no evidence to support my case imagine if you did have evidence they are very vigilant in their pursuit of the compensation of their clientsread more
Kayla Armstrong (Aspiretobe___)
13:49 30 May 24
I am satisfied with this company and the ladies that helped me along the way. Alicia Harry was over my case, she had no problem addressing my concerns and giving feedback that was in my best interest. She was patient and allowed me to weigh out my options.Same to the other ladies, they never gave up on me. They fought on my behalf and by the end I was given more than what I asked!Thank you Alicia and the Hagen Team!read more

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