At Hagen Rosskopf, we focus entirely on personal injury law and litigation. We have over 100+ years of combined experience helping people like you recover the money they deserve due to the negligence of others.

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  • How do I pay my medical bills?
  • How do I deal with missed work?
  • Do I need immediate legal representation?
Kayla Armstrong (Aspiretobe___)
13:49 30 May 24
I am satisfied with this company and the ladies that helped me along the way. Alicia Harry was over my case, she had no problem addressing my concerns and giving feedback that was in my best interest. She was patient and allowed me to weigh out my options.Same to the other ladies, they never gave up on me. They fought on my behalf and by the end I was given more than what I asked!Thank you Alicia and the Hagen Team!read more
Doug Wilcox
15:56 27 May 24
The attorneys, Kim and the entire staff were amazing to deal with. Very open and honest, communicated along the way and were always available to take a call or answer any questions I might have had. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with a case! Give them a shout, you won’t be disappointed!read more
Patrice Watkins
13:29 03 May 24
I knew I was not going to receive any type of financial settlement due to my medical files not being documented correctly and with a pre existing diagnosis. I didn’t expect anything and certainly asked why would this firm try with the odds against me. This firm settled receiving 100% of the settlement asked for!!! God bless everyone at this firm!! There are no words. There’s GRATITUDE!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!read more
Nancy Garfield
23:02 25 Mar 24
I absolutely thought there was no way possible I would get help with my medical bills, broken bike etc. from this woman's insurance given that immediately after turning left in front of me, she showed zero concern that I was laying in the road in excruciating pain with broken ribs and torn ligaments. Instead she was more concerned with moving her humongous SUV before the authorities arrived; after telling me I must have hit a pot hole. So despite no plausible witness of the actual crash, Bruce and Maria knew exactly what happened because experienced cyclists don't go over their handlebars unless they are in immediate danger of crashing into something, thus braking instinctively. I was ready to just give up but they pursued it anyway- even driving over to the accident site and verifying what I had said and trying to get camera footage- of which there was none because so few businesses actually have active cameras it turns out! It is not a huge settlement, but all their effort meant the world to me. And given I thought I would get nothing, it felt like the gold at the end of a more
Sara N
20:57 16 Jan 24
The staff at Hagen Rossfopf is top notch. They take their time, do their reasearch, and fight until they get what you deserve. Maria and the rest of the staff were very responsive and educational during the whole process. They made a stressful time less stressful. Thank you!read more
L Strickland
07:30 10 Jan 24
My interaction with Hagen Rosskopf Attorneys was an awesome experience during a time, I had no direction in my life. The accident I had caused me to challenge my capability to perform essential daily functions. The law firm was there in my time of distress and assisted me to obtain my independence without more
Talia Knapp
03:39 04 Jan 24
After my bike accident in Inman Park that resulted in a broken bone, the team here was excellent to work with. They responded to emails and calls quickly and kindly, and they offered valuable insight throughout my recovery. Their advocacy for my needs made a very difficult time easier, and we won the case. Definitely recommend to Atlanta area cyclists!read more
Tyler Johnson
00:25 14 Nov 23
Highly recommend Hagen Rosskopf! The insurance of the guy that hit me dragged this out for over 3 years (pandemic helped drag it out too) but this law firmalways responded quickly for all of my questions. First firm I found was a complete scam but Bruce helped me out. 10/10 would recommend. I hope I never need an attorney for being hit by a car again, but you can bet that if I do, these guys are my first call!read more
Jeffrey Covin
22:37 02 Oct 23
The law firm of Hagen Rosskopf was recommended by a friend to help me sort through the financial, healthcare, and insurance uncertainties and obstacles associated with my involvement in a vehicle accident. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I was given. Matt and Bruce Hagen are highly competent, experienced, and ethical attorneys who well advised me and well prepared and presented my accident case to the relevant institutions. Their support staff, such as Amie Risley and Maria Borowik, are also great. My financial settlement was at the maximum level I could have hoped to receive from the insurance company. I'm very grateful that the Hagen Rosskopf law firm agreed to be my legal representative. I recommend them highly and unequivocally.Jeff Covinread more
Stuart Thompson
01:37 13 Sep 23
After our 51 year old brother, a nearly professional bicycle rider, lost his life after being hit by a car, my family and I reached out to Bruce and Maria for help. We wanted answers. They were compassionate and understanding combined with years of experience. Our concerns and sorrow were met with open arms. Even before we reached out to them, they were aware of our brother's demise as a result of being so well connected to the biking community. Every step of the way, they maintained communication as they fought for the truth. They are resourceful and diligent in their efforts to bring closure and justice to the harm or injury of your loved one. Since our brother was no longer able to speak for himself, we enlisted Bruce and Maria to help speak on his behalf. We didn't go wrong. We made the right decision. And we would certainly recommend you reaching out to them when your time of need arises as well! You won't go wrong!read more
Madison Wright [Student]
21:19 25 Aug 23
Hagen Rosskopf Attorneys At Law was the best. They were very effective, proficient, and professional. With their help, I was able to win a case. Best decision was going with Rosskopf.
Dean Uyeno
22:07 21 Aug 23
I was well cared for by Bruce, Dan and the entire team. They provided superb legal advice and even went to bat for me with Medicare after my case was settled and closed. Medicare incorrectly assumed that certain medical procedures I had were related to my case and they were trying to bill me for reimbursement. The team at Hagen-Rosskopf contacted Medicare on my behalf and had them cease and desist from sending any further letters threatening collection. This above and beyond care is just one example of Hagen-Rosskopf's professionalism and high more
Cameron Brown
17:25 21 Aug 23
I was in a car accident at the beginning of 2023 and while I hope to never be in this situation again, I can confidently recommend Hagen Rosskopf Attorneys at Law to anyone who may need an accident or injury attorney. Throughout my time of having them represent me, I had a dedicated and very responsive team who were quick to reply to all my inquiries and emails and did everything in their power to ensure I was made whole after my accident. I greatly appreciate all of their hard more
Linda Williams
15:34 15 Aug 23
My kids were involved in an accident in 2019 they have not reached out to them. no response at all very unprofessional.
Debora Oppong
02:39 10 May 23
Being in an accident is can be very traumatizing. With that being said Hagen Rosskopf did their due diligence and made sure I was compensated well and at the same time took care and made sure all of my needs were met. They are always so quick to utilize their resources to make sure you are taken care of. They don't only focus on your monetary compensation but on your well being. As horrible as my accident was I'm happy I retained Matt Hagen as my lawyerread more
preston washington
14:03 28 Apr 23
The Team was awesome and helped me settle my case in a fair and timely matter. The team was extremely helpful and caring and was sure to help me get the help and treatment that I needed. Everyone of the staff was understanding and relatable and I’m Happy and confident I would use them again if I need more
Isaac J (JNoble)
21:44 21 Apr 23
My experience with HagenRosskopf was phenomenal. The attorneys who were over my case were passionate about ensuring that I was taken care of physically, emotionally & mentally throughout the entire process. They were well knowledgeable process of my claim / what to expect , & were consistent with following up with me regarding my case. I’m highly satisfied & appreciative of the service I’ve received here . Thanks once again Hagen Rosskopfread more
Robynn Young
18:22 28 Mar 23
My attorney Kendrick McWilliams did a super job advising me regarding a personal injury suit. My car was totaled and I had a neck injury with a long lasting concussion after another driver ran a red light. Her insurance company was not offering enough to even cover my medical expenses. Kendrick negotiated a very fair settlement on my behalf without having to go to court. Give him a call if you need assistance with a more
Lou Ladinsky
21:08 03 Mar 23
Excellent Law Firm!!! Bruce and Matt Hagen, along with their entire staff, provided great service. Communication was great and they always provided timely updates regarding my case. I highly recommend their services!!!read more
leah banks
19:48 10 Dec 22
This firm is amazing. I got into a motor vehicle accident in 2021. The guilty party did not want to pay for the damage but my attorney Kendrick McWilliams fought for me. He made this process easy for me and I was paid for the accident. Thank more
Willis Norman
15:13 08 Dec 22
I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle down Memorial Drive. For about a week I was very stressed about the situation on top of the pain I was feeling. My co-worker pointed me to this firm, and once it was in their hands I had nothing to worry about. It's been about 9 months since my accident, and I was able to get all of the medical care I needed, get a new bicycle, and the Hagen Rosskoph was able to get both insurance companies to cover significantly over the cost of my bills and bike. I also was very well attended to; I could call or email them at any time with questions (I had a lot) and they responded in a very timely way, and were quite friendly. Can't recommend highly more
Sarah Lashinsky
22:45 16 Nov 22
When I was injured in a catastrophic crash, Bruce was the warm, empathetic, expert guide I needed to navigate the complex legal and insurance systems. My crash had the added complexity of taking place in a different state than my home state. Because of Bruce is part of the Bike Law network, he had a colleague on call that he trusted in the state where my crash occurred. This was just one of the many ways in which the Hagen Rosskopf goes above and beyond for their clients.I wish my crash had never happened, but I am so grateful to have met Bruce & his team. They made the worst months of my life a lot less intimidating, and made me feel so more
Victor Geer
15:25 03 Nov 22
I had a very positive experience with Hagen-Rosskopf Law Firm. Everyone was super professional. First and foremost, my health and welfare was of utmost concern to everyone I spoke with in their office…before addressing the matter at hand. I spoke with the office manager, case manager, and lead attorney. Each one was very assuring in their communication to me. The process was thoroughly explained: we all had homework and things to bring back to the table. The process and settlement completed in about 60-days, which was several months shorter than I anticipated. I am completely satisfied with my outcome and highly recommend Hagen-Rosskopf Law Firm #bikelaw especially if you are in an accident while riding your more
Nannette Rucker
02:48 05 Oct 22
I was in a car/ truck accident last year and was referred to this firm from the Amy Witherwright Law Group. I can't express the GRATITUDE for this referral. They don't act nice THEY ARE. They do their job to the fullest of helping you through out your case, answer any questions, along with checking on you. GREAT TEAM!!!read more
Timberley Jones
15:22 04 Oct 22
Great experience working with Bike Law. Through the long drawn out court process they did a good job of keeping in touch with me and providing updates on what was going on with my case.Going to court was a little nerve wrecking but Matt brought the calm vibes. I felt confident and prepared going to the stand. We won, and I'm happy We were able to get the jurors to see the truth of how negligent drivers cause crashes that negatively effect everyone involved. Give thanks!read more
Junior C
20:38 30 Sep 22
Thank you for all you did for me and my family. My car accident was very a devastating experience. This personal injury law firm helped me get through it as I had no idea of wear to start. My first phone call to Hagen after being released from the hospital ended with me taking a deep breath and a sigh of relief. My stress level was immediately cut in half as they walked me through my next steps on my road to getting back to normal. Your teams experience and clear communication really does relieve so much stress from such a horrendous experience. Just give them a call it’s worth it. You’ll understand in just a few more
Donovan Clarke
19:30 16 Aug 22
Hagen Rosskopf Attorneys At Law came to my rescue after experiencing being hit by a car off of my bike. I remember years ago during a cycling event in Atlanta, I stopped by the bike law tent only to realize there is a law team that stands in our corner as cyclist. My bike was a total lost and I sustained injuries that were less than ideal with a chipped tooth, road rash and a bummed shoulder. I was able to have my bike replaced in a timely manner and all my medical visits weren’t a headache to worry about, because of this awesome team. Kimberly, and Aime were communicative and always kept me in the loop of the case and was able to get me what I deserved and what was fair from my misfortune. I hope I never have to cross this path again but I know for sure, this crew will be the first and last phone call I make!read more
Robin Zeigler
12:33 18 Jul 22
We had a great experience with Hagen Rosskopf! They were so professional and kept us informed through the entire process after my son's bike accident. We were very pleased with the outcome as well. They definitely go the extra mile!read more
Steve Moulder
15:50 09 Jul 22
I would recommend you to anyone Jennifer Williams Went far over and above her duties I rated 5 stars only because you didn't have 10
Seth R. Baron
19:10 18 Jun 22
Bruce & Matt Hagen, along with entire staff were very helpful in a time when we needed help! They took the necessary time to educate us on every step along the way which made us feel comfortable that we were in good hands. The legal system has many moving pieces and it was nice to know we had experts in our corner, looking out for our best interests. Thank Youread more
neill davis
23:18 16 May 22
Simply put, Hagen Rosskopf Attorneys At Law is a team that you can trust. From the moment that I spoke with Bruce, while sitting in the emergency room (during the pandemic) after being hit by a car while riding my bike, my situation felt under control. Knowing that he took the time during a holiday weekend to share helpful suggestions let me know that the understanding, experienced professional I needed was at hand.The Hagen Rosskopf team took immediate action checking to be certain that I had proper medical attention, communicating with the insurance company, and asking the small but often forgotten question how are you doing. Although this was not the best circumstance, I am grateful to have met this group of people and had them looking for my best more
LaMiiko Moore
03:03 12 May 22
Top tier firm.Expertise, compassion, and enthusiasm. You’re not a case, you’re a person.That’s how you can expect to be treated at HRA, with respect and concern. If you happen to be considering this firm, and especially if your injury happened while riding a bicycle, please, do yourself a favor and speak with someone there. You’ll be glad you more
Kaylinn Gilstrap
14:01 06 Apr 22
I had never worked with a personal injury attorney and asked a friend, who works in civil rights, for a recommendation. He only sent me one law firm, Hagen Rosskopf LLC. Kendrick McWilliams took my case and called me whenever I was frustrated to walk me through the process. Every step of the way Kendrick and his team (Shout out to Amie & Jennifer!), were kind and gave me the info I needed to be ensured my case was being handled by experts. They help you make the best out of a bad situationread more
david light
22:12 03 Apr 22
I was struck by a car while at work and suffered injuries that resulted in being out of work for 9 months. Matt and Jennifer worked diligently on getting payment from the insurance company representing the negligent driver.The past year has been difficult and I am recovering slowly after surgery in September but Hagen Rosskopf has allowed me to receive compensation for my injuries.Great staff that will work when you can’ more
Adrian Kombe
15:06 07 Mar 22
I was very impressed with Hagan Rosskopf's collection of insurance damages. Everything was communicated clearly and I was able to get adequate treatment with their help. The only thing I would recommend is more constant communication with the clients. I was consistently the one following more
Cathy Sees
16:48 18 Feb 22
The staff at Hagan Rosskopf were easy to deal with and very responsive. Whenever I had a question, they provided the information in a timely manner that was easy to understand. They made what was a stressful experience better because I knew that I didn't have to worry about anything except more
Lue Chang
04:35 16 Feb 22
Great group of Professional team, was there every step of the situations, answered all the questions we had everytime in a timely manner. Will highly recommend for any services.
Stephen Chenney
18:25 15 Feb 22
Everyone at Hagen Rosskopf was informative, caring and extremely competent from the time I first reached out following my crash to the time I collected the settlement. Their advice and skill led to an outcome that exceeded my more
James Civelli
20:18 23 Jan 22
Very happy with my car accident settlement. My family used Hagan back in early 2000’s and have nothing but good things to say. Whenever I had questions, the firm had answers to help me figure out my way through my first car accident as an adult (without much help from my parents). Thank you!read more
Leslie Genske
20:27 19 Jan 22
I was very pleased with representation by Kendrick McWilliams. He was thoughtful, strategic, and thorough. I appreciate his excellent responsiveness too. I definitely recommend him!
John Redmond
19:54 10 Jan 22
They handled my daughters case from start to finish with professionalism, friendliness and transparency - We're a pleasure to work with and gave us confidence that "we" mattered! Highly Recommend!!
Gabriela Loya
23:54 19 Dec 21
Truly so incredible! Matt Hagen really helped me overcome what was just a tough time post my car accident and him and his team really worked so hard to achieve a great result in my case (which they did accomplish!). I was very happy with how everything turned out and I truly did appreciate all of their support throughout the entire case! The entire experience really was so rewarding in the end and I am very thankful that I had such an amazing group of people working on my case. Would definitely recommend without hesitation!read more
Oliver Honderd
01:34 20 Aug 21
They really helped me when I was in a tough spot, and got a great settlement. Super courteous, patient and easy to work with. I never would have been able to do it without them. Every cyclist should have their card handy. Thanks y’all!read more
Justin Yoo
17:31 28 Jul 21
My experience with the team at Hagen Rosskopf was nothing short of amazing. Attorney Zachary Nelson and all the staff were extremely supportive, transparent, and diligent while working on my case (even during a pandemic!). This firm embodies the highest qualities of professionalism and I would recommend them without hesitation!read more
Alicia Webb
03:04 11 Jul 21
All of the staff are helpful and professional!!! I love their atmosphere, kind spirits and care for each client... including their follow-up to make sure you are okay and everything was satisfactory!!! I highly recommend them without reservation!!!read more
21:43 22 May 21
Jennifer is very helpful, courteous, professional, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. She responds quickly to questions. I will refer everyone to her.
Michael Nelson
20:05 29 Apr 21
Great family friendly environment, helps you every step of the way. I refer all my friends and family.
Robert Andrews
15:18 17 Apr 21
Great law firm this is the second time I have done business with them I'm glad I found it it was hard finding a law firm but they made me feel right at home I always had direct contact with my lawyer never a household getting in touch with my lawyer we all know things like this takes patience and that's exactly what these guys have with me patience thank you guys for all you have more
Tony Denmark
22:59 07 Apr 21
The Hagen Firm is one of the best law firms in Atlanta!! They’ll treat you like family. They CAN handle your case!!
Tonya Carlisle
22:42 12 Mar 21
Thank you Hagen Rosskopf Attorney and did a great job to help me and my family in need of counsel after our car accident!Thanks again,Tonya Carlisle
Deeshandra Boykin
17:40 10 Mar 21
So my husband used this law firm to represent him. When he was in an accident and he loved everyone he encountered with starting with Erick. Who would email or call regularly with updates or even to just say hey. Amie is the best when it comes to demands she will do her best to get you most money she more
Pattie Baker
13:25 26 Feb 21
When I was hit by the first driver charged with a Vulnerable Road User Ordinance violation in the southeastern USA, I knew it was important that justice be served as a precedent for future cases that may occur if other people riding bikes are illegally passed or hit by drivers of motor vehicles. I already knew Bruce Hagen from his bike law education, advocacy and outreach work (and had, in fact, recently attended a ghost bike placement at which he was present as well), so there was no doubt I would choose the services of Bike Law Georgia when it became clear that I had to take a positive action after a negative event. Bruce and Maria Borowik were so compassionate and helpful during this ordeal. Bruce assessed my situation, communicated throughout the legal process, and helped achieve an outcome that met my specific goals. I give Bike Law Georgia my whole-hearted more
Andy Yates
22:30 18 Feb 21
Bruce and his team did a great job getting an outcome to my case that exceeded my expectations. His team was responsive and easy to work with. For bike crashes, I certainly recommend!
Craig Rodrigues
19:58 15 Jan 21
I worked with HR when I got hit by a car commuting on my bike. They took care of everything from property damage to health insurance payments. I am very happy with everything! Super professional and they will get you the compensation you more
Chris Hrubesh
23:30 12 Jan 21
I was hit while riding my bike back in April of 2019. I knew the best place for me was Bike Law. Despite a parking enforcement company driver t-boning me, they refused to acknowledge and even accused me of hitting their SUV on my bike. Between Covid and their insurance company ducking Bike Law, I didn’t receive my (more than generous) settlement until last month. This was the best experience I’ve ever had with the legal system. I can’t recommend them more
Nicole Taylor
23:14 08 Dec 20
From start to finish I was kept abreast with all details about the case. I worked with Attorney Kendrick Williams and assistant Diana . They answerd emails and returned phone calls in a timely mannered. I recieved a fair settlement with Kendrick persistence.I will recommend and use his services a million times.Thanks for more
Shannon King
01:18 28 Nov 20
I am very pleased with how my case was handled by attorney Kendrick McWilliams, Sr. He was very responsive and genuinely cared about fairly settling my case. I was kept up to date throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend this law firm to more
Mike St. Louis
21:44 24 Oct 20
Bruce Hagen advised me on all facets of my cycling injury case. He was thorough, professional, and I think gave me excellent advice. He and his staff were constantly supportive, respectful, and took every step to make my own efforts simpler. I was very pleased with the settlement achieved.They are also bicycle safety and law advocates that I have seen in action. I give an unqualified 5-star more
Bella Schwartz
15:22 23 Oct 20
Very professional and very helpful I was glad to have had them when I was in a 5 car pile up on 85. My arm was shattered and they handled all of the paperwork dealing with the doctor's, the other lawyers the insurance companies they were fantastic! I would 100% refer them to my friends and family!read more
Shanika R. Wesley
22:07 05 Oct 20
Hagen Rosskopf law firm is the best. They have great Customer Service, they care about their clients. Their willingness to help was impeccable.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ms. Donna
12:54 16 Sep 20
Hagan did a good job with my accident claim. Eric and Amie were the best. Thank You very much.
Robert Newcomer
01:55 13 Aug 20
Bruce and his staff were professional, responsive and very helpful in dealing with me and my case after getting hit by a truck while cycling. As an attorney myself, and having known Bruce for a number of years, I trusted Bruce to provide me with timely information and good advice. Bruce and his staff met and exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend more
Kristine Thor
14:37 12 Aug 20
Thank you to Matt Hagen for helping me get my settlement. He was very kind, understanding and he was so good to explain everything along the way. I appreciate all the help and support during my difficult time. I highly recommend Matt if you are looking for an attorney. Thank you for all Matt and all who helped! Much appreciated for a job well done!read more
Kison Allen
12:31 12 Aug 20
These guys were life savers when it came to my first wreck. I had no clue what to do, and they helped me front start to finish. I can’t give this company enough praise! 10/10! Such a stress free process when you work with these guys!read more
Jane Affr
00:10 08 Jul 20
Provides clients with up-to-date information on their case and very ready to answer any question you may have.
Richard Lee
12:18 28 May 20
Everyone I spoke to either had answers or could get them in a timely manner. Very courteous staff. Everyone took time to explain the pace and steps being taken.
James Roth
14:22 28 Apr 20
Attorney Hagen and his firm are very knowledgeable about every aspect of personal injury and insurance law. Personal Injury cases are not simply about a person being injured and incurring medical bills. There are also myriad legal issues to deal with such as insurance coverage denials, uninsured motorist coverage issues, health insurance subrogation, destruction of evidence, and criminal issues if someone is hit by a drunk driver, etc.. They know how to navigate all these issues in order to maximize the value of a case for his clients. They also have worked hard to build and train an amazing staff and attorneys to help clients with all the issues that confront them when they are hurt due to no fault of their more
Jill Lowther
16:18 25 Apr 20
Very professional and easy to work with. They did all the work to get my case settled quickly and minimized my stress in the process. I hope you don’t need them, but if you do I can’t recommend them highly more
Maurice Ginnis
17:45 06 Mar 20
THEY ARE THE GREATEST!!! Just trust the process and everything will turn out just how you want!!! Zack,Bruce And the hole staff is awesome!! I don’t want it to be over because of their friendship and loyalty but I’m great full for them in every way!!!read more
Atlanta Reliable Movers
12:27 15 Feb 20
Great bunch of folks. Like most lawyers a little difficult to get a return phone call. They aren't just out for a quick settlement. They want to do right by you.
Sandra Boots
01:53 23 Dec 19
Bruce really helped me out with my bicycle injury accident. I crashed into a woman who pulled right in front of me without looking on the bike path from a side-path that was totally obscured by trees. I broke my collarbone and suffered material damages to bike/clothing as a result of the accident. Wasn't sure I'd have much luck trying to track down the woman who caused the accident after I ended up with $thousands in medical/ambulance costs. Hagen Rosskopf worked to track her down and get me a very fair settlement. They're also pleasant people to work with!read more
Ken Lewis
21:05 17 Dec 19
Mr. Hagen and his staff are very professional and top notch attorneys! I will always use them and always refer them if anyone ask me who used at my time of need.Ken
Jiqavius Walker
20:51 17 Dec 19
I will highly recommend this law firm to anyone who seeking an accident attorney. The care, attention , and knowledge your legal representative will give you is outstanding. Miss Amie was the best she kept me so informed with everything that was going on emails and calls and most importantly never made a me feel like more than just another client. Take it from me I’ve used this law firm multiple times. ☺️read more
Robert Klein
18:52 11 Dec 19
Hagen Rosskopf LLC represented me when I was involved in a crash with a motorist. They were wonderful to work; provided excellent guidance and advice; and handled everything with the insurance companies. I was very pleased with the settlement I received. Would not consider going to anyone else if was ever involved in another crash with a motor vehicle while more
Jeffrey Grimm
17:52 05 Dec 19
I have known Bruce for many years and consulted with him on a number of cases. He's extremely knowledgeable and a very effective trial lawyer. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who needs an more
IC Updater
17:39 03 Oct 19
Bruce Hagen and his team are a very compassionate group of professionals. Dan, in particular, is so thorough and responsive. I highly recommend them.
Steven Cousins
14:55 02 Oct 19
Had good results with Bruce Hagen. While riding a bicycle in Atlanta, I was hit by a car and injured. Car came into my lane and into my space and hit me while I rode my bike. I needed surgery. I contacted Bruce Hagen, and he reviewed my situation. He provided good advice, and took care of all of the details for my situation. There was never any consternation or pressure. Bruce kept me informed. The car driver's insurance company settled, and Bruce got me a much larger settlement than I ever expected. All medical bills were paid. My lost income was covered. My bike repairs were taken care of. And there was monetary compensation for my pain and suffering. I am very satisfied with the service and results with more
Hope Roobol
02:48 10 Sep 19
Bruce Hagen and his team were so knowledgeable, accessible and comforting during a stressful time. I will refer everyone I know to them. Thank you.
Hope Roobol
02:48 10 Sep 19
Bruce Hagen and his team were so knowledgeable, accessible and comforting during a stressful time. I will refer everyone I know to them. Thank you.
Max Hirsh
16:25 02 Aug 19
From my personal and professional experience with Hagen Rosskopf they are simply the best. I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Hagen in mediation. It was clear that he was well prepared, passionate, thoughtful and zealous about getting justice for his client. The video presentation was tear jerking. The insurance lawyers on the other side clearly saw how effective he would be in front of a jury. He secured way more money than what the case would normally get.Whether it is a large wrongful death claim or a fender bender, I have repeatedly witnessed great client communication, fantastic results and satisfied victims. They are the more
mark stouffer
13:32 10 Jul 19
Hagen Rosskopf represented me following a cycling accident. It was not a fun time for me nor did I have much energy to spend or expertise in how to handle the legal and financial ramifications associated with it. This firm was extremely professional and valuable in managing my wife and I through closure of the incident. I can't thank them enough for their genuine empathy and absolute attn to detail throughout the process. Only a fool would use a different firm. Thanks so much for all you guys did!read more
Kyle Torok
11:18 10 Jul 19
Friends recommended Hagen Rosskopf LLC after my collision and I have paid that on repeatedly since: such was the level of care and attention, and the quality of their knowledge, during my ordeal. Bruce Hagen took me through the entire process with infinite patience and care, and regularly checked in with me, to update me on the case or ask how I was. He was an indefatigable advocate, determined to get me equity -- which he did in perfect style. I couldn't recommend them highly more
Lesa Sandifer
21:04 26 Jun 19
Mr. McWilliams is a awesome attorney. He kept us updated and the staff was awesome as well.
Heather Botwinik
18:20 25 Jun 19
The attorneys and paralegals in the office are easily accessible by phone or email. If unavailable you typically receive a return phone call in 48 hours. Kendrick gave us a overall plan then he walked us through each step so we knew what to expect. I highly recommend this practiceread more
Conor Malloy
20:29 17 May 19
They are the absolute best. I worked with Matt Hagen on my case and he was first class from the moment of the accident until the settlement check was in my hand and it was definitely a big one. If you are looking to get compensated for a car accident that you were not at fault in there is no one else I would recommend besides Hagen Rosskopf LLC. I never once had an issue getting in touch with them and was always kept in the loop regarding my claim. Thank you so much Matt and team! You guys are the more
maurice ginnis
18:08 26 Mar 19
They Are The Greatest!! If your leaving a bad review,then obviously! you didn’t take your case serious..because they have been On Point The Hole 2yrs my case has been going on and the numbers I’m hearing for settlement are beyond my dreamsread more
Jerel Green
18:18 20 Mar 19
Bruce Hagen and his team are some of the most knowledgeable, thorough and understanding firms I have ever had the pleasure of working with them for more than 20 years. The attorneys and staff are not one trick ponies, and each come with a wealth of unique experience which makes them well suited to handle a variety of complex cases others would not be able to navigate or even attempt. This is when you want the Hagen team in your corner. I would not hesitate to trust this firm resolving issues especially when there are injuries due to the negligence of other people. Hagen Law is Highly recommended!read more
Cart Dav
14:24 15 Mar 19
I was rear ended by a dump truck last year. My lawyer, case manager and paralegal on my case went above and beyond to help me. They fought for me to get top dollar for my settlement. Thank you Amie (paralegal), Jennifer (case manager) and Zach (attorney). I hope I am never in another accident but if I was I would call you!! I highly more
Lauren Rhyne
15:05 13 Mar 19
I was referred to Hagen Rosskopf's Zach Nelson for a slip & fall case. After the initial call, he arranged a meeting within a few days and wasted no time moving things forward. Zach and Jennifer guided me through the entire process, from insurance questions to PT with kindness & patience. When it came down to settlement, he was relentless and I ended up with a more than fair offer. I highly recommend them and truly appreciate their professionalism and more
Patti Puckett
19:10 07 Mar 19
I tried to handle my case myself and realized I needed help when the insurance company's offer wasn't close to my demand. Bruce and Ken and the office staff were so knowledgeable and helpful in settling my case. I wish I had hired them from the start!read more
Destinee Farley
14:30 08 Nov 18
This place is AMAZING! I was referred to them by my stepdad and they are excellent. Jennifer is the best! She always keeps me updating on my case status. It honestly feels like family.. they are so helpful. Everyone that I've interacted with is amazing and they are extremely professional. I'm so glad I chose them to represent me. I'd give them more than 5 stars if I could. Great choice, great people!!read more
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