Perception vs. Reality. Are Plaintiffs Just Greedy?

Bruce Hagen and Ray Giudice discuss Perception vs. Reality in personal injury lawsuits and settlements in this mini clip from Episode 5 of Your Day In Court. Is it all about greed? Is every lawsuit worth $1,000,000?

People who are victims of negligent drivers and who suffer injuries after a car crash can sometimes be perceived as someone who is out to make a quick buck. Where did that perception come from?


"My view representing injured people for so many years is that it really is a perception created by the insurance industry, by the chambers of commerce around the country to try to create an impression in people's minds so when they show up for jury service they are going to believe that the only reason they are there is because the person who filed the lawsuit is greedy and is asking for money that they are not entitled to.

Jurors are not considering that this person has a legitimate claim and is just asking to be treated fairly and has been dragged through the mud by an insurance company that is refusing to put a fair value on the table," said Bruce Hagen in his new podcast.


Is it true that every plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is just greedy and wants $1 million dollars? There are some plaintiffs who have overinflated values of their cases at times, but it's not common. It is actually pretty rare. The vast majority of cases and lawsuits are the result of someone's negligence and careless driving that caused an innocent person to be injured and hurt.

In most instances, the cases that go to trial are because the insurance companies just don't see that they should be paying more than they're paying or for some reason refuse to do it.


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