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New Outdoor Recreation Attraction Leads to Lawsuit

The following brief article is very relevant for all of you that enjoy spending Atlanta’s winter months at ski resorts. Besides skiing and snowboarding, there is a new trend is ski resort recreation called a “zorbing.” A zorb is a giant plastic ball in which a passenger gets inside and rolls down a grassy or snowy hill.

Although there is, of course, the risk with other types of winter recreation  – you’ve seen skiing injuries and snowboarding injuries, the article below represents an injury from a new form of recreation, and it’s definitely something to look out for. Before getting into a “Zorb,” ask the operators how long they’ve been providing this type of recreation, and make sure to listen closely when they give you specific directions on how to rid in it.

A newspaper Reporter is suing a Maine ski area, two years after injuring her back while riding inside a giant inflatable sphere down a ski trail for a story.

Rebekah Metzler worked for the “Sun Journal” of Lewiston, Maine in June 2008 when the Lost Valley ski area in nearby Auburn invited her to write about its newest attraction, the Zorb. The Zorb is a large plastic ball in which riders are strapped inside and rolled down a hill.

Metzler said she suffered painful and permanent injuries after the ball veered off-course, and out of control.

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