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Excessive Alcohol, Sexual Assaults Lead To Negligent Cruise Lines

As a Cruise line carries thousands of passengers across the ocean, their biggest responsibility is protecting them - keeping them all safe and free from danger. Besides this being simply good ethical and business practice, the law requires it. Specifically, cruise lines are to be held responsible for someone's injury or misfortune, when the cruise line knew or should have known that danger from one of their passengers existed, or was to be reasonably anticipated and whether the injury could have been prevented. When this is the case, they would be considered "negligent," and more and more this is being seen with sexual assaults caused by the excessive amounts of alcohol that cruise lines serve.

Many people like going on cruises so they can let loose and have a good time, which may often include drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. And, for the average adult, this means drinking alcohol. Cruise lines make getting a drink one of the easiest, most convenient things to do on the ship. After all, it's a major source of their revenue. On any cruise ship, you're likely to find many different bars, all of which encourage passengers to take advantage of specials. Some ships offer "pub crawls," where passengers are encouraged to drink a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time. Royal Caribbean offers a package deal, where you can drink an unlimited amount of alcohol for around $30 a day.

Royal Caribbean is being sued by a 17-year old girl who was allegedly raped on-board by a 31-year-old employee of the cruise line. The on-board musician bought the minor several drinks after his band had finished playing, pressuring her to drink shots, etc. After the drinks, the musician said that he had to pick up something in his room, and asked the girl to go with him, where the rape allegedly occurred.

Although cruise lines are meant to be a good time for mature, responsible adults, they are becoming a place of danger. With their over-serving of alcohol, cruise lines create an environment where people act in flawed judgment, which can increase the chances of sexual attacks, "bar fights," etc.

If you've been the victim of an attack on a cruise ship or have been injured in any other way due to the negligence of a cruise line, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Don't hesitate to contact Bruce A. Hagen, "the Peoples' Lawyer," for more information.

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