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Georgia legislation rethinks out of date auto safety laws

It’s about the passing of a bill in Georgia, proposing to legalize Hands-Free devices in the car. Currently, it is illegal to use headphones or hands-free devices in Georgia.

The first bill for the Georgia Senate, titled Senate Bill 306, was affirmed by Senator Bill Heath (R-Bremen) and will adjust the current cell phone laws so that hands-free devices are permissible and no longer a violation of the law.  The law currently states that any device which impairs hearing or vision is not permissible.  It is being changed to exempt headsets which are used for communication purposes.  This means that cell phone use while operating a vehicle will be allowed with either a Bluetooth, earpiece or earphone device.  This bill is on the fast-track for becoming law so that drivers are safer on the road and can focus their attention on the operation of their vehicle.

Currently, hands-free devices are illegal and there is confusion as to why this safe practice of driving is being punished.  Many citizens wonder why texting while driving is legal but hands-free devices are not.  Heath understands that as the law stands, it is not clear and still allows for officers across the state to issue citations to drivers using them.

Heath feels that this bill should have no problem passing into law because everyone agrees that using a hands-free device makes overall sense because it makes driving safer.  Heath’s bill received a 48-0 vote in its favor and will move to House of Representatives.  The bill has a proposed effective date sometime in July of 2010 and will be applicable to all offenses on or after the set date.


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