We Need to Stop Senate Bill 415

I see the worst behavior from insurance companies daily. They abuse their own insureds and refuse to take responsibility for the harm that their clients cause to others. They have so much money that they’re largely unaccountable, except in a court of law. The courtroom is the only place where insurance companies can be held accountable for the harm that they cause to the people. Not just the people injured by the negligence of others, but customers who are injured by the callous indifference of their own insurance companies.

Because the ONLY place where insurance companies are held accountable is in Court, they are now fighting like mad to change the rules to keep injured Georgians from having access to justice in Court if they ever need it. As a lawyer, it’s plain to me what they’re doing: they’re trying to rig the system to avoid responsibility. As a non-lawyer, however, you may not realize how unfair this is, until the time comes that you need to seek Justice to right some wrong that came your way. By that time, it will be too late if this awful law is passed.

Senate Bill 415 is a Tort Reform Bill that will hurt the citizens of Georgia by tilting the scales of justice in favor of big insurance companies. Here are some ways that this bill will affect you and every Georgian:

  • Senate Bill 415 will prevent Judges from having the discretion to do the right thing in cases based on the facts and circumstances of each individual case.
  • Senate Bill 415 would limit your Constitutional rights to hold accountable in a civil court of law those who might harm your loved ones – instead it will protect drunk and negligent drivers.
  • Senate Bill 415 would protect corporations who carelessly and knowingly introduce poisonous products to our children and families.
  • Senate Bill 415 even prevents property owners from consequences from sex traffickers on their premises when the owner should have known about the activities – instead allowing them to profit from the profits of the sex trafficking trade.

The false premise behind the changes in the law is that these changes are needed to protect businesses in Georgia. This is nonsense. Georgia has been and remains one of the top states in the country in which to do business. The reality is that the only businesses that will be helped by these changes are the insurance companies. The powerful will get even more powerful if this law is passed.

Senate Bill 415 passed the Insurance Committee which was comprised of all non-lawyers. Time is of the essence, because Senate Bill 415 will be voted on the floor of the Senate on Monday, March 9th or Tuesday, March 10th. After going through the Senate floor, it will be assessed by a newly created special committee of the House of Representatives appointed by Speaker David Ralston. My law firm and other lawyers are fighting hard to prevent this legislation from passing, but every Georgian voter needs to fight for their rights and put an end to this bill. This is the time to speak up.  Please contact your two personal state legislators and ask them to VOTE NO on SENATE BILL 415.

  1. Find your state senators by clicking on https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/
  2. Send a personal email or call your state senator and tell them that you strongly opposed Senate Bill 415.

Also, we ask you to contact every member of the Special Committee on Access to the Civil Justice System and tell them to VOTE NO on SENATE BILL 415.

If you want to read the bill:


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