7 Useful Tips for Traffic Court

Traffic court

If you are going to have a day in court, it’s often in traffic court. In the state of Georgia, a traffic citation is a violation of the criminal law that can be punishable by jail time, fines up to $1,000, probation, community service or driving school. Consult with a lawyer if you are going…

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What is Magistrate Court?

Magistrate Court Judge

You may find yourself dealing with a problem or grievance that that just doesn’t warrant hiring a lawyer to represent you in a full-blown lawsuit with a jury trial. This is when you will find yourself in Magistrate Court, which is our small claims court. Listen to this clip from Episode 11 of Your Day…

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What Are The Changes To Joshua’s Law?

Effective July 1st, 2021 all 17-year-olds in Georgia applying for a Class D driver’s license or motorcycle permit must meet Joshua’s Law requirements in the same manner that 16-year-olds already do. WHAT IS JOSHUA’S LAW? Senate Bill 226, also known as Joshua’s Law passed in 2005 in the Georgia House and Senate and went into…

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Conservatorships 101

Is your loved one mentally incapable of handling their own financial and daily affairs? Are you trying to navigate the difficulties of probate court? Personal injury attorney Bruce Hagen and criminal law attorney Ray Giudice discuss conservatorships in this mini clip from Episode 10 of Your Day In Court podcast. What Is A Conservator? A…

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Perception vs. Reality. Are Plaintiffs Just Greedy?

Bruce Hagen and Ray Giudice discuss Perception vs. Reality in personal injury lawsuits and settlements in this mini clip from Episode 5 of Your Day In Court. Is it all about greed? Is every lawsuit worth $1,000,000? People who are victims of negligent drivers and who suffer injuries after a car crash can sometimes be…

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