Why did I receive an Exactech recall letter?

Thousands of American patients, who received defective Exactech hip, knee and ankle implants in surgery, have been exposed to painful complications, continuing medical care and revision surgery.

Exactech issued a recall of hip components in June 2021 followed by a recall of knee and ankle components in February 2022. Although surgeons and hospitals received letters from Exactech explaining the recall, efforts have not made by the manufacturer to notify affected patients directly.

On February 7, 2022, surgeons throughout the United States, including the state of Georgia were provided with a template letter, Exactech recall letter (PDF) to send to all patients impacted by the recalls.

If you received a letter about the Exactech component recall you may be eligible to file a recall claim and receive monetary compensation.

Should I file an Exactech recall claim through Broadspire?

The Exactech letter for surgeons and patients indicates that a settlement adjusting company called Broadspire has been hired to oversee the claims reimbursement process. While Exactech has announced that the claim process will cover “recall-related out-of-pocket expenses”, it has not provided key information about the rights patients may give away by filing a recall claim with Broadspire.

The process to make a claim may appear to be straightforward after providing the required information:

  • Date of the surgery where a recalled Exactech implant was used
  • Name of the surgeon who performed the knee replacement, ankle replacement or hip replacement surgery
  • Serial number for the implant

Exactech’s letter advises that after contacting Broadspire, the claimant will be assigned a claim number and receive instruction for how to submit expenses already incurred for reimbursement. Exactech advises impacted individuals to file a claim with Broadspire.

Our advice is to talk to an Exactech recall lawyer BEFORE contacting Exactech or Broadspire.

Am I eligible for an Exactech recall lawsuit if I did not receive a letter from my surgeon?

The simple answer is YES. Exactech lawsuit payouts may be available to patients in Georgia and in the United States who received a defective implant, even if they never receive an official recall letter.

Many individuals who currently have a recalled knee, ankle or hip implant may never receive a letter or notification from Exactech or from their surgeon. It’s possible that patients may have changed addresses, lost contact with their doctors or that the surgeon may have retired or closed their practice. Remember that Exactech recall letters are not being issued by the manufacturer or the FDA. Instead, surgeons are being asked to take proactive steps to notify former patients.

Additionally, some patients may never receive an Exactech recall notice if they already had the defective component removed or undergone revision surgery.

How can I find out if I have a recalled Exactech hip, knee or ankle component?

As a patient, it’s normal to not know the specific brand of Exactech implant used in a joint replacement surgery or total hip arthroplasty. It’s also very unlikely for a patient to know if they received a defective plastic insert until symptoms appear. Patients who received an Exactech component may be able to confirm the type of implant and serial number by obtaining copies of medical records or contacting their orthopedic surgeon.

Additionally, Exactech has provided a website where patients can input the serial number for their implant and find out if it has been recalled.

How much do I need to pay for an Exactech recall legal consultation?

NOTHING. Consultations and legal evaluations by our Exactech recall lawyers are always free. Our personal injury attorneys are always available to talk to you about your rights and legal options without upfront fees or expenses.

You don’t need to wait for a Exactech recall letter before contacting Hagen Rosskopf for a cost-free legal consultation.