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4 Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve just been injured, and you’re already fired up about filing a lawsuit. Do you have a personal injury attorney? Chances are, you don’t, and a finding the perfect one for your personal injury case can be more challenging than you think. Working with a good personal injury attorney is your best chance at being properly compensated for everything you’ve endured from your accident. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about seeking out a personal injury attorney.

Where do I start my search for a good personal injury attorney?

It’s always good to take a look at your local state bar. If you’re in Georgia, simply visit the Georgia State Bar website. If you happen to have a personal injury lawyer in your family, it might be tempting to have them deal with your case. After all, you figure it’ll be cost-effective, and you won’t have to take time to get to know their character. Still, it’s important to look at their credentials objectively, and make your decision from there. You should speak to several personal injury attorneys over the phone, and visit at least the best two attorneys from that group, in person.

What are reasonable prices for personal injury attorneys?

Although you ought to take cost into consideration, it shouldn’t be your primary factor in deciding which personal injury attorney to work with. Nevertheless, the cost will vary between attorneys and types of cases. You should try to find an attorney that is confident they can win your case, and will only take their fee if their case is won. This is generally referred to as “no win, no fee,” and you will usually find the better personal injury attorneys working under this policy. If you end up settling, your attorney will probably take about 25 percent, but if your case is brought to court, the attorney is likely to take closer to 35 percent.

How much experience should my personal injury attorney possess?

Without a doubt, you’re going to want to find an attorney that has specific experience in personal injury law. Again, it’s not a smart decision to work with a friend or family member that’s an attorney, simply because you already know them. Besides having specific experience with personal injury cases, your going to want an attorney that has a track record of winning cases similar to yours. When you consult with them, don’t be afraid to ask them flat-out, how long they’ve been practicing, and how many cases they’ve won that are like yours.

What do I get out of a good personal injury attorney?

The most important thing you’ll get out of choosing a quality personal injury attorney is a winning case. This means that you’ll be able to collect an amount of money sufficient in paying (for example) medical bills, missed work, a lost job, and any pain and suffering you’ve had to endure as a result of your injury. Beyond winning your case though, you should receive personalized attention and care from your attorney. You want someone that will truly empathize with your situation and see you as a suffering person, not merely a case number.

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