What To Do if Atlanta Police Won’t Come to the Scene of Your Accident

On July 30, 2020, the City of Atlanta Police Department announced via Facebook that police officers will no longer be dispatched to car wrecks if no one’s injured. If you are in an accident with no obvious injuries, Atlanta police officers may not come to the scene to fill out a police report so it is on you to complete a Personal Report of Accident called the SR-13 form.

Bruce Hagen talked to the AJC about this new policy and how it will affect automobile drivers and insurance claims.


Be Your Own Investigator:

-Obtain as much information as you can when you are at the scene of the accident.

-Use your cellphone camera and dash cams.  Make sure you save and store all videos and voice recordings.

-Take pictures of the other driver’s license, tag, insurance card and damage to the vehicles involved.

-If there are witnesses, record their statements and ask them for their contact information.

-Look around and make note of traffic cameras or businesses with cameras that may have captured the moment of the accident.

-Complete the SR-13 form found online at https://sr13-form-georgia.com/

Be Prepared:

Get a camera for your car! Front and rear facing cameras for cars are a vital tool for your own safe driving and for keeping other drivers accountable when an accident happens. Dashboard cameras can be invaluable in capturing images of a vehicle tag and descriptive information in a hit and run incident. Bike cameras are also popular with cyclists and bike commuters who often face additional scrutiny when they are involved in an accident.

In many instances, pain and injuries from a car accident may not appear until the next day or two afterward and you may find yourself fighting the insurance company without a police report. The information you collect at the scene of the accident may determine the outcome of your personal injury claim. Being prepared and informed about your rights and responsibilities is just as important as driving safely.

If you have more questions about this new policy or need help with your insurance claim, call our office and talk to one of our attorneys. Not having a police report does not mean you can’t make a personal injury claim, you just may need a good attorney!