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Collision Avoidance Course for Teenage Drivers

In the United States, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death and serious injuries among teenagers. Inexperience, increased speeds, alcohol, and drugs, and distractions from music devices, cell phones and friends all contribute to the staggering number of avoidable accidents that injure and kill our nation’s young people every year.

The Dunwoody Police Department recognizes the tragedy of lost and altered lives and is determined to try to help ensure the safety of teen drivers and those who share the roads with them. As part of its efforts, the Dunwoody Police Department will begin conducting “Collision Avoidance Training” this summer. The program is intended to provide young people with sound knowledge and safe driving skills that will make them better drivers for the rest of their lives.

“Reducing these premature deaths is a priority in our community,” Dunwoody Police spokesperson Sgt. Mike Carlson says about the disturbing teen driving statistics. “To help ensure that we reach our goal, we have adopted the Collision Avoidance Training program for teenage drivers, and will plan many of our traffic safety initiatives around this program.”

The program is free of charge and includes seven monthly sessions, with the first session being held on June 5, 2010. It is open to all teenage drivers, regardless of whether or not they reside in Dunwoody.
Space in the “Collision Avoidance Training” program is limited, so early registration is encouraged. To register your teen, call 1-800-656-6507. Questions about the program should be directed to Dunwoody Police Department Lt. William Hegwood at 678-382-6904.

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