Wrongful Death In The Mainstream Media

It seems that Wrongful Death has taken the spotlight in popular media these days. More and more, celebrities are passing off the scene because their death was not their own fault -- it was caused by the negligence or malpractice of someone else and could have been avoided if this party had been more responsible. Wrongful death doesn't just affect the average person: it happens to everyone, even the rich and famous.

Perhaps the most well-known case of wrongful death, currently, is the Michael Jackson case. The King of Pop died earlier this year because of a drug overdose, which was allegedly given to him by his doctor. The star had been battling with his failing health for quite some time and was on a myriad of prescription medication to stabilize and improve his condition. However, he was found dead in his home one day after overdosing on one of those drugs. The huge battle surrounding the case is whether Jackson had taken the drug himself and therefore committed suicide, or if his doctor deliberately administered the drug to him, knowing that it would kill him. The case has been receiving worldwide attention ever since the death, and remains unresolved, though the odds are certainly stacked against Jackson's doctor.

What are the causes of Wrongful Death in the media? As mentioned above, malpractice by a celebrity's doctor can be one cause of wrongful death. In other cases, celebrities have died because their driver or pilot makes a fatal mistake, as in the case of the pop star Aaliyah years ago. In still other cases, an engineer could be at fault for the poor construction of a stage or other performance venue and cause the death of the celebrity when an awful accident occurs. While the causes of a wrongful death vary widely in popular media, there is always the same solution: Involve a wrongful death attorney, who can get justice for the deceased.

Have you been trying to find a wrongful death attorney on behalf of someone you love? Your case might not be as well-known as Michael Jackson's or Aaliyah's, but the loss is still just as great. If you're looking for a lawyer who can help you, but aren't sure where to turn contact, Bruce Hagen, today.