Georgia Elevator Accident Causes Wrongful Death

Recently, an elderly couple from Brunswick, GA died in their home elevator after they became trapped between two floors. Since the emergency elevator phone wasn't working, the 88 and 90-year-old's were unable to contact the outside world and were eventually found days later.

Their children are now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against South Georgia Elevator and their agent Ronald Hickox for their negligence. Allegedly, South Georgia Elevator failed to properly repair the elderly couple's elevator and equip it with a functioning phone.

Although elevator deaths and accidents are rare, it's important to be mindful of the detrimentally negligent acts of others in general, the best you can. In doing so, you'll avoid a possible wrongful death for you and your loved ones. Although it's difficult to control others' negligence in a public setting, one place you can control it is in your own home.


Contractors that work on the interior and exterior of your home can pose a significant threat to your safety (as the opening paragraphs exemplified). Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and have a great deal of experience. Ask them to see examples of their work, and don't hesitate to ask if they've been involved in any personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death cases in the past.


Babysitters are another party that can potentially pose a safety risk to your family (specifically your children). When searching for a babysitter, ask them to provide several references and do a thorough interview - questioning them on what they'd do in a variety of circumstances. Often times, parents make the mistake of choosing babysitters that are too young and immature to take on the task of watching their children. When this is the case, negligence is often a greater possibility, which increases the chances of a personal injury or even a wrongful death for your children.