What Does It Take to Be a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal Injury AttorneyWhen you think of a personal injury attorney, the words humility, perseverance and sacrifice probably don’t immediately spring to mind. However, these traits are vital to any personal injury attorney who wants to keep practicing. While we may associate traits like intelligence and assertiveness with attorneys, there are some other personality traits that are essential for success in this demanding field – traits you might not expect in a personal injury attorney.

The Art of Humility

Humility: without it lawyers wouldn’t be able to move forward and learn how to better serve their clients. This is, perhaps, one of the most important traits a personal injury lawyer should possess. Being humble does not mean being weak or denying yourself; it means acknowledging your shortcomings and striving to improve them. In order to be successful as an attorney, they need to be able to admit their mistakes and then learn from them.

When they do make a mistake, they need to not only admit that, but seek to find out why it happened in the first place – what they did exactly that caused the mistake and then determine how to avoid it in the future. By doing so, they are personally bettering themselves, while gaining professional skills to better serve their clients.


For a personal injury attorney, road blocks are a common thing. Attorneys need to be able to meet these difficulties and obstacles head-on and keep going. They can’t take no for an answer and they also have to be willing to keep pushing if that’s what it takes. It’s practically expected of most lawyers to spend long hours working out all the details that can make or break a case.

Personal injury attorneys are no exception. They must be willing to delve into similar cases and legal precedents and trudge through the intricate details, looking for factors and features that might help or hinder their current case. They frequently spend hours reading trial summaries and transcriptions, looking for that one bit of gold and then polishing it to fit into their case, in order to get their clients everything they deserve.

The Willingness to Sacrifice

Attorneys put in long hours; it’s a fact of the job. In order to meet their clients’ needs, many must stay in the office long after standard business hours or take the work home with them and continue in their personal time. These long hours, coupled with extended research marathons can cut deeply into their private lives. Good personal injury lawyers must be willing to do what it takes for their clients, which means that sacrifices often need to be made.

After travel, research, meeting with clients, trials and court appearances and many other duties, there isn’t much time left for a personal life or other interests. The job and the clients come first, more often than not.

Not everyone can become a successful personal injury lawyer. They must be willing to put in a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice in order to best serve their clients. Fortunately, for the best personal injury attorneys, pursuing just compensation for their clients makes it all worthwhile.