Allstate’s Corruption Toward Personal Injury Claims

Allstate is one of several insurance companies that, in my opinion, commonly uses corrupt practices in evaluating personal injury claims, in an effort to underpay legitimate claims. As a result, Allstate and its corrupt cohorts who use the same or similar software, have reaped millions and millions of dollars, which amounts to an exorbitant profit solely by underpaying legitimate claims.

It’s important to note that this profit has nothing to do with their efforts to weed out so-called “frivolous claims.” This is an intentional effort by Allstate to alter the claims payment process, in their favor. By underpaying legitimate claims, Allstate takes huge profits solely at the expense of injured negligence victims. This actually goes far beyond the profits that are built into its underwriting model.

When Allstate charges it's insured a premium for their coverage, Allstate makes a profit from those premiums. This is both expected and appropriate, as businesses should be able to run themselves in such a way that they turn a profit from legitimate business operations. However, when Allstate then engages in corrupt practices as they do via their Colossus program, those profits are grossly enhanced due to unethical and illegitimate business practices. Simply put, Allstate lines its pockets at the expense of the injured negligence victims.

It’s good to see certain states stepping in to make Allstate partially accountable, but these amounts are merely a drop in the bucket, considering Allstate’s massive enterprise – furthermore, it’s certainly not enough to get them to change the way they do business. Allstate continues to bastardize the claims process by its unethical use of its software, and as a result, injured negligence victims are left exposed. Keep in mind, it’s not just Allstate either, they just happened to be the ones that are being called out this time.

Is it realistic to expect State Insurance Commissioners Offices to regulate insurance companies? Think about this: who gives money to elect Insurance Commissioners? Most people in Georgia don’t even know who the Insurance Commissioner is, let alone what he is supposed to do. Still, you can be sure that executives of insurance companies are doing their part to line the pockets of their hand-picked candidates to ensure that whoever is elected, will have been put in office largely thanks to their campaign donations. That being the case, where will their loyalty lie…with the People or with the insurance companies?

In today’s world, with the odds against you, it’s more important than ever that you receive quality legal advice and representation, especially when you’re the injured victim of someone’s negligence.