9 Skiing and Snowboarding Tips to Observe This Winter

Although it may not seem to be the case, skiing and snowboarding are pretty popular here in Atlanta. If you ever decide to hit the slopes yourself, here are some pieces of advice to keep in mind so that you don’t become the victim of a skiing injury, and end up with a ski area lawsuit on your hands.

1. Prepare For Winter Weather

It’s essential that you dress in preparation for the cold weather conditions. Even if it’s going to be on the milder side, you never know when some nasty fronts may blow in (even in Atlanta). Dress in layers, and purchase some long underwear if you don’t already have some. Wearing a warm hat, gloves and scarf should be a given. You can always take some of these items off if you get too hot. Remember, it’s better to be prepared and a bit uncomfortable, than unprepared and get frostbite!

2. Use the Proper Equipment

If you don’t already own ski/snowboarding equipment that compliments your height, etc, make sure you rent fitting equipment from a reputable ski shop or from the resort you’ll be skiing at. Borrowing equipment is not recommended, especially if it’s out-dated or non-proportional to your body.

3.Wear a Helmet

Wearing protective headgear while skiing and snowboarding is a vital rule, and it should be a given.  Non-helmet users are greater than twice as likely to die of skiing head injuries.

4. Wear Goggles

Wear ski goggles that fit appropriately around your helmet. If you happen to wear glasses, buy goggles that fit comfortably over your eyeglasses.

5. Learn Proper Skiing and Snowboarding Technique

If instructors are required to take refresher courses, you shouldn’t be exempt from this. If you’re a brand new skier or snowboarder, it’s absolutely imperative that you learn from a legitimate instructor. Don’t settle for getting a few pointers from one of your friends before hitting the slopes.

6. Respect the Rules of the Slopes

All ski hills are different. What may be acceptable at one ski hill, may not be acceptable at another. Remember not to go off-trail, and obey all warning signs. This will significantly lessen the chance that a skiing lawsuit or snowboarding lawsuit will occur.

7. Always Ski With a Friend

The “buddy system” is a tried and true method for ensuring safety, even when skiing. If you and your friend get separated, pre-establish a meeting place, or use cell phones to communicate.

8. Know Your Skill Level

Hills are usually marked according to the level of skier they are suited for. It’s not suggested that you ski in areas that are above your level. This is another way you can reduce your risk for injury. There should be no reason why you can’t have fun in an area that your skill level can handle.

9. Take a Breather

It’s in your best interest to take a break every once in a while. While you’re sitting out, make sure you eat and drink an adequate amount. Accidents happen when it’s the end of the day, and someone tries to get in a last run when they don’t have very much energy left.

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