3 Important Steps to Take When You’re in a Car Accident

In a fairly recent USA Today article, called “Motorists Killed Near Vehicle Breakdowns” it was stated that in Atlanta, two women who exited their cars to inspect damage that incurred during a fender bender, were both struck and killed by a tow truck on the interstate. Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, it’s essential that you take vital safety precautions after a car accident, or after your car has been stalled on a major road. In the event that you’ve been injured though, don’t hesitate to find an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer.

1: Activate Flashers and Stay Put

If you find yourself stranded on a freeway after a car accident, then you should immediately press your emergency flasher button. The button is usually located on a noticeable spot on the dashboard, and is represented by an image of a “red triangle.” Once you’ve activated your flashers, it’s usually in your best interest to stay where you are, especially if it’s at night.

2: Call 911

Call 911 and notify them about the accident. Once help arrives they will park behind the scene of the accident to further notify oncoming vehicles. If it’s clear that there are no other vehicles on the road for miles, quickly but carefully run across the road to safety.

3: Don’t Stand in the Road!

It may sound obvious, but the one detrimental mistake that car accident / car breakdown victims often make is that they stand in the middle of the road, in order to investigate damage to their vehicle, or in an attempt to flag down help. Do not do this! You cannot rely on the fact that every driver on the road is completely paying attention to what they are doing. It’s very easily the case that they may not see you, especially if they’re in a large truck.

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